Friday, November 14, 2008

Tis the Season

No, not to be jolly, although a group of people think it is. The truth is, this time of the year brings much to the table. Lots of emotions change during this season, not just because Santa is bringing gifts, but because of the focus on Buy, Buy, Buy! And, watch out if you don't buy enough, you must not be a "good" person. Let's face it, why shouldn't our children have the latest? (I hope you sense the sarcasm!). And, let's not forget Thanksgiving - it's all about the food.

Well, it's not. It's not about the gifts. It's not about the food. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy making a feast and giving gifts (ok, getting them too!). BUT, too often we miss the mark. We fail to see the needs of those standing right in front of us. And now we have this company who feels it is necessary to take the approach of "why believe in a god?" Fox News has the latest...,2933,450445,00.html It's a shame. I get that there are those who choose not to celebrate. I understand that some people don't agree with the "Reason for the Season." But to allow people to simply make up their own mind on what "good" means? To dare to say who needs God? In times like today, my question is "Who doesn't need God?"

We need a hope. We need to believe. Creation is longing for us to and if you search your own self, you will know without a doubt you were created for more. You will sense the yearning in your heart for answers, answers that can only be found in Christ.

People have questions today. People want answers. And the answers have to be real. They have to be truth. It is the truth that will set you free. The answer is there. The answer is waiting to be given. You just have to ask. I know, if you ask 20 people you will most likely get 20 answers. So, how do you find the answer that is real? I can answer this way - it is not an instant message that will come with the steps to peace. It is not an email or uploadable file that will show you the way. It takes time. Not because the answer is hard to find, but because we have to get past the mess. We have to weed through the crap we have been dealt for so long. Because we have been told we can "rationalize" our own answer. Wow. If we rationalized our every thought, our every answer, we never would have learned how to make a plane fly... We never would have found that inside the seeds that fall from an almond tree is a delicious nut... Or that peanut butter and chocolate would make such a great candy... We never would have discovered that some flowers can make a delicious tea or that some herbs are a remedy for aches and pain... I could go on. I hope you get my point. I hope this makes sense. It is that simple though and the answer you are looking for lies within you already, longing to come out, longing to be set free.