Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Swing

I hope that all who read this can understand what is behind the words, although I do not think it possible to truly understand until you yourself have sat in my fathers' swing...come by anytime :)

The Swing

Skillfully crafted.
The wood, hand chosen.
The stain, just the right color.
The hardware, carefully picked.
A swing was born.

Hung between birch trees, swaying in the wind.
Children laugh, even sleep.
Adults relax.
A beautiful piece of work.
Moved to a patio where a baby was rocked.
Laughter continued.
But then, the patio had to come down...

A tree stood strong.
Its branches reached high.
A perfect place for a swing.
Laughter returned.
A place to go for peace, to unwind.
To seek solitude from the noise.
Birds chirping all around.

A place to cry; a place to laugh.
A place to listen to the wind through the leaves.
A place to read, a place to write;
A place to swing.
A place for many, a place for one,
Sitting in the swing
Built by my father’s hands.

-Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Inside Out

short and simple tonight.

I have decided that we have compromised so many things that we have become inside out. You might say "don't you mean backwards?" to which I will tell you "No." because being backwards doesn't make everything look different. Think about it. If you walk backwards, the only thing that changed was the way you walk. All around you, including you, is still the same. But see, we have taken so many things that used to be wrong and made them OK, or tolerable, or worse, simply accepted. Even things about our selves. Take something as simple as the way we eat. If it gives you heartburn, simply take this to reduce acid or indigestion vs not eating what causes it... If I could turn myself inside out, what you used to think was my nose will no longer look like my nose. And whatever rule that said the tissues should be on the inside will now be "accepted" to be on the outside. Does that make sense? I hope so, but I will admit that sometimes what I want to say doesn't always come out that way...

so, if this is confusing and you would like clarification, simple ask... :)