Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Truths about homeschooling...and life

Sometimes I just want to let it all out, you know, tell it like it really is. See, homeschool, parenting, taking care of a house, life, they're all hard. There is not ANYTHING easy. OK, wait,, never mind, nothing. See, making the decision to teach your children is time consuming, takes discipline and has it's challenges. At times, I'd much rather be doing other stuff. Then there's the never ending laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning... As a parent, wow, where do I start. Raising kids is a challenge like no other! You WILL question your self over and over.

But then, living single has its ups & downs. Sending your kids to public school has its moments. Not taking care of my home has REAL bad consequences! (sorry, had to throw that in :) )

Then there are those moments where you listen to your child read on their own. And the times they just randomly draw you a picture. And you do get all the housework caught up, even if just until the next meal. And you have green bean wars with your oldest. And your middle child takes you on a date. And your youngest reaches up to hold you, just because. And you feel your grandchild move inside the womb. And you watch your child say "I Do." And you watch your child volunteer in various ways for over 5 years. And you have a flour fight with your youngest. And your children cook dinner for you. And your children get together with other "children" and make you a dinner so they can say thanks. And you watch your first grandchild come into the world. And you realize, over and over and over, you realize you would NEVER change it for anything!