Sunday, December 6, 2009


December. How is it already December? Seems like I just wrote a blog entry for Christmas 2008 and now here we are, 2009. Does it ever slow down again??

Well, I've been helping my great-Uncle with some things at his house. It has given me a new perspective of how much we really need each other. Going through things that have been accumulating since 1953 is quite a task. But, I so enjoy it! Watching my uncle as he sees the things we find for him to tell us whether it's keep, give away or throw away is priceless. He can tell stories just with his face. And he remembers so much! He can still remember enough French to teach today if he could!

I do miss our times together as a family. We used to get together every year! Thanksgiving, Christmas and any other reason there is. He always brought the homemade ice cream. The other day we were talking and he pulled out a recipe for Orange Marmalade Cake. Told him I'd make it, just for him.

And the books, wow, does he have a lot of books. I know where I get my "collect everything" from too because he did just that. Not junk either, I mean, yes, some of it is ready for the trash. Its fun going through it.

It's supposed to snow tonight. and I need to go to bed.

Learned a new perspective today, Jesus knew the reason for this season - YOU are the reason. I hope and pray all will see this and make the decision to surrender to Him. He is truly all we need...