Sunday, July 27, 2014

Made for more

What if God had a specific plan for your life that would bring blessings beyond your wildest imagination? A plan that would fulfill the yearning you feel inside?  But you avoid it, either because you never ask or because you choose not to believe.  You think "God is not real, after all,  if He was...(fill in the things that challenge your belief)."  You never ask Him what He wants for your life because you are afraid He will tell you to sell everything you have, or move to Africa, or quit your 6 figure income job. Whether you believe it or not, we were all created for a purpose and in each and everyone of us lies a longing for something amazing. In each one of us is an ability, a talent, a gift. Maybe you say you are happy, even doing what you want to do. I ask, what if there's more?  I ask, "do you stand at the edge of yikes?" Where you're willing to go beyond the border of comfort?  What if we have all been missing out on absolute fulfillment of every passion that ever lived in us? All because we were afraid to ask, or because we simply choose not to believe.  Here's the deal, we all have our reasons, we even think we have truth all figured out, whether its that God does not exist or that we are good where we are at.  I ask this, if your truth is different than my truth, how can we both be right? And to that I say, go beyond what you believe right now. Step out and ASK!   Take the chance to go deeper.  There is something more, for each and everyone of us.