Sunday, January 29, 2012


To Crave - to long for; want greatly; desire eagerly; yearn for; to have a strong or inward desire

We crave lots of things, some healthy, some not so much.  Recently the church I attend did a series on Crave.  Then, the women's group started up a bible study based on the book "Made to Crave."  Both the book and the message series spoke about the truth that we were created to want things.  Of course, over time and with the advancement of technology and the ease of fast food, LOTS of the things we "crave" hurt us in the end.  Today, our pastor laid it out there-Could it be that we crave simply what 'we' want instead of what is best?  I personally don't even have to think about the answer, for me it is a definite yes.  

Over the years, I have desired to do what's best, eat better, exercise more, just do better.  I have learned, however, that my habits were established long before I had issues with weight.  I remember eating powdered donuts with chocolate milk often.  I remember getting these YUMMY potatoes covered in cheese with bacon on them often.  I didn't watch my portions, didn't worry about what I ate or how much.  I also learned that my issue isn't so much over-eating sweets, or even over-eating.  I eat just because the food is good.  It could be a salad and I will have a huge one or go back for seconds.  It could be a healthy meal and of course, it is the sweets and snacks.  I eat.  

My other issue I have learned is that I eat way too fast.  This causes me to eat beyond my body getting enough to be full.  This is also a problem when someone brings out say something for snacking on, like for a party.  I won't be hungry but will eat because the food is good.

What I have also learned is that i have a battle within.  Now, all of us do, the battle to do what is right vs what we want.  This doesn't mean we want to do bad things, some times what we want to do isn't bad, it's just not the right thing.  So, I've decided that for the month of February, I will not be eating sweets or junk food and will make notes for me to focus on not eating simply because the food is there.  OK, it's out there.  Now I'm accountable to you.

I will update this as I take steps to live a life craving God's will and His plan vs what I want.