Sunday, May 1, 2011

Suicide, please read

So, I read a book. Well, actually, I have read lots. But, this one I just finished, well, something needs to be said more then just what I wrote in my review (which you can find here: )

The book is called "Life, in Spite of Me." It is about a young lady who lived after a suicide attempt. The thing that makes me want to share it here too is that her story is the story of MANY of our young adults and youth today, for that matter, even adults. Suicide is huge, almost popular. When I was growing up, if you heard someone had killed themselves it affected you simply because you didn't hear about it very often. Today, suicide seems to be happening all the time. Worse is the amount of people who struggle with depression, who feel there is nothing worth living for or that life is just a bummer. Just the other day I heard about 2 young girls who both struggled with depression and together, ended their lives at what should have been a fun sleepover.

Why do I post this? Because God loves you. You ARE REALLY here for a purpose. God REALLY does have plans for you. I know, the "God" speech. But I'm telling you, there is a hope. Kristen wanted to end her life. But she lived. SEVERAL people approached her saying she should not have survived. One paramedic on the scene ran into her later in life and told her she had lost so much blood that she should not have survived. A train conductor approached her after she spoke and told her he has never met someone who lived after a train ran them over. This conductor said that the she should have been sucked into the train. Kristen will tell you there was a force that kept her from being pulled in and that she now knows that force was God.

I know life can be difficult. I know things WON'T always go well. I know sometimes it seems like nothing is going right. But, I also know that there IS a purpose. We ARE meant for so much more. We WERE made for more than failure and avoiding disaster!

PLEASE, if you feel like life isn't worth living anymore, contact someone. Even if you are just struggling with life, let someone know! It is SO important to reach out. I know what it is like to feel alone, like you don't fit in. But we all fit, somewhere. Kristen has a facebook page and has started an outreach for people struggling. Her outreach is called Reaching You. The website is located at Another great site is called "To Write Love on Her Arms." Their website is Or contact me. Or someone close to you. Just let SOMEONE know. There is hope. There is help. People DO LOVE YOU! And, although I might not even know who you are, I really do care about you.

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