Tuesday, March 18, 2008

silentary suicide

the things that go through my mind
are crazy..
it’s all

what has become of those thoughts?
the actions that have taken place..
you wouldn’t believe.

why do i think these?
who has made me feel such pain?

i feel so much pain.
slowly, I am suffocating.
it’s like someone is smothering me with a pillow,
whispering in my ear, "die."
it brings tears.
i try to fight back,
i try not to listen,
but his words are so strong,
i start to listen.

he whispers more,
you’re worthless.
you’re a nobody.
you’re nothing.
no one wants you.
no one really cares about you.
then he screams,
you’re ugly.
you slut.
you’re trash.
look, look at yourself.
you’re filth.

this seems to be taking over my mind.
this, thing,
it haunts me,
a living nightmare i wake up to.
i keep running to the light at the end,
but it keeps getting further and further away.

i’m grasping for air.
i can’t seem to get free from what is suffocating me.
my pulse is slowly fading...

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