Saturday, October 25, 2008

From a wise woman

We are in a time very different from say 30 years ago. A time where we have the first African American candidate for VP, a first female candidate for VP, a time where same sex marriage is accepted, has been made legal and is now up to change again, an economic...hmm, what should i call it? an economic something. But, through all of this, I heard from a wise woman today. And this is what she has to say about one of the above issues.

"You know, as much as God is against the same sex thing, He also doesn't like people who judge. He is our only judge, so why should we, as people, be the ones to make a choice to ban something that someone chooses to be and do? I am not saying it is right, but I'm not going to vote to stop it...I see how much it hurts them. They feel like they're outcasts and aren't accepted in a lot of places just because of a choice they're making personally. Who are we to tell them what's right or wrong? Who are we to stop them from being who they want to be?"

Just a little input - before "we" try to answer the question she poses, consider this - do we ban people who have gossiped? Do we vote against people continuing to lie? steal? slander? What right do we have? none. Because we too have issues. We too choose to do things we know we shouldn't. I can say that confidently too because I know a little secret - you, just like me, are human. And, we will sin. Our sin is NO different in the eyes of God. Before any of us try to say "yeah, but..." don't go there. We can "yeah but" about all kinds of things.

Love God. Love people. Choose this day to serve Him. Choose this day to be a light to a world that needs to see.


journey2learn said...

Thought-provoking and I so agree. I am not to be the Judge...I am called to love the person. So I try daily to show unconditional love...and leave the judgment in its proper place.

Steve Orris said...

I attended Cedarville College, now Cedarville University. I professor there put it like this:

We should not fight to make abortion illegal. We should fight to make abortion unthinkable.

Morality can be against the law. But if people don't have a moral standard, the law won't make sense, it will be overturned.

You first have to change the person, then the behavior will change. But there is only One who can change the person. His name is Jesus.

When this country was formed and the constitution signed the immorality of today was not even considered. They couldn't comprehend how killing a preborn human could be a 'right' of the mother.

I'll end with this thought:
It is easy to judge people who sin differently than we do.