Monday, September 26, 2011


I am pretty sure this one will offend some, but I really believe it needs to be said.  Time and time again I read comments about how amazing the power of it is.  I realized that pretty much the only time I hear about how amazing prayer is is AFTER prayer has been answered the way we want it to be - Got the job! Healed! Found a new home! Married! Safe travels!  - fill in your "answer" to prayer.  How often do we hear about how great the power of prayer is when the answer isn't what we want?  God's answer to prayer is ALWAYS amazing! No matter how He chooses to answer!

I have prayed for people to be healed only to see them die or continue to suffer.  I have prayed for marriages only to watch them stay the same or crumble in divorce.  I have prayed for finances, organization, families, prosperity, for people to fall in love with Jesus and many other things only for my prayers to be answered, well with a "no" or a "wait."  Does that change the awesomeness of prayer?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!   Does that mean I am saying that when someone we pray for dies is awesome?  NO!  I am simply saying that we need to remember that regardless of how God chooses to answer, prayer is ALWAYS amazing!  God's answer is ALWAYS perfect!  He isn't sitting up in heaven saying "Hmmm, whose prayer should I answer today they way they want it to be and who should I say no to?"

I firmly believe in the power of prayer.  I firmly believe God hears our prayers.  I firmly believe that He CAN do all things and WILL answer prayer.  I also firmly believe He will answer the way He sees best. And I believe that when His answer is not the one we hoped for, He will also pour out His strength, His peace and His comfort as an ANSWER to our continued prayer.  Life has trials of many kinds, but God's promises are true and for that, I am grateful!  The power of prayer IS amazing!  Even better is that God promises He will never leave us nor forsake us.  When God doesn't answer they way you think He should, don't give up on Him.

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