Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Seasons & Positivity

Just a short note as we get ready to change seasons.  We have had a very dry winter and have continued to have a dry spring.  We had a pretty good thunder and lightning storm not too long ago (at least for my neighborhood anyway), although I would enjoy some more.  And yes, allergy sufferers have been on full notice with sneezing being most of what you hear.

BUT, I enjoy this time of year with what it represents. New life.  It is beautiful out right now. New flowers, new tree growth, the air is clearer, it all makes for a positive outlook.  Too often we focus on what is wrong, but lets change that.  Look at the stars at night, and then again in the early morning.  Pick some flowers and put them in a vase.  Go jump on a trampoline (haha, I can say that now because we have one).  The main thing is to simply take the time to focus on the beauty of creation; focus on what we have; and laugh like you just heard the funniest thing every.

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