Sunday, August 19, 2012

From a wise 20-year old


Think of life like a baseball game. You win some games, you loose some games. You'll hit the ball and miss it more. 

When life throws a fast ball at you just watch it go by that way you'll be ready to hit it next time. When life throws a curve ball at you, wait and judge where the ball will go and then swing away while you watch it come to you next time. You won't always hit a curve but when you do, you'll feel amazed that you hit that ball out of your way.

In the life/game of baseball we all have a coach that helps us get better. At 1st he tells us a few things about how to live this life, but then, in order to get better we need to go to him so that he can teach us more and more-ask for tips, direction and help. He waits for us to come to him but it's our choice to go and seek his wisdom.

Now compare life to football, the defensive side will be doing whatever they can to keep you from breaking that line, your coach does his best to help you break that line and score a touchdown. That defensive line is a blockade from life to keep you from doing what you want to do, find the gaps in between the blockade and show life that it can't hold you back.

When the defense tackles you, get back up and move on from that fall. Theres always another way/play to help you get past the line and catch the ball and run to your goal.

Think of basketball now, you get the ball and you shoot for the hoop. The ball is your chance and the hoop is your goal. Aim for that hoop and shoot for your goal. Most shots you have won't make it, but the few shots you make will be the goals that will benefit your life the most

There will always be ppl trying to take your goals away from you, some could be close friends, or ppl you've never met. Just be ready for when that time comes in your life and prove life that your in control.

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