Friday, May 24, 2013

Looking for answers

Throughout life we look for answers.  Anywhere from what is 2+2 to what will I do when I graduate to who will I marry and THOUSANDS of others.  It's a longing inside of us to know, to learn, to seek.  A desire that longs to be satisfied.  Often we will do whatever it takes to quench that desire.  We will do things, buy things, go places.  And for a moment, we will feel satisfied.  This feeling may even last awhile.  Over time, however, the emptiness returns.  So, we do or buy something else.  It could be anything-food, books, alcohol, drugs, sex, hobbies, movies, chocolate, clothes, marriage, tools, cars, traveling.  We even turn to cooking or baking, cleaning & organizing, serving others, even exercising.  They all seem harmless, yet when it comes down to it, none of this is keeping that inner desire satisfied.  We keep trying new things or more of what we already do.  We even become oblivious to what we are doing, convincing ourselves we are fine.  

But we aren't fine.  Deep inside, our body knows we aren't; it knows something is missing.  We keep trying to satisfy, even to the extreme of hurting ourselves or damaging and destroying what we love.

You might be thinking, "I'm OK, there's nothing missing in my life."  Yet, if you really take a moment to listen, to feel, it's there, deep inside something is telling you there is more.  And then, one day, one step, one decision brings a satisfaction you never knew.  One day you realize all the "things" you did hoping to find satisfaction weren't what you were missing.  And best of all?  It LASTS.  

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