Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Christmas Letter

I used to send Christmas cards out every year.  Eventually I even added a letter.  Over time though, I stopped.  Things just happened, I’d forget stamps, one year I even forgot to mail them!  I miss sending them, but the time just seems to get away from me as the years go on.  The newspaper today said I’m not the only one who doesn’t send cards.  And the card industry has sold fewer cards than ever!  I also miss going to the mailbox to see who I would get a card from.

So here’s my Christmas letter, “e” style, or in my case, blog style.  I’ll make it short, even though it’s been over 10 years since I have written one…

Bill and I are still married, 24 & 1/2 years now!  We still live in the same house we moved to when we left Pleasant Hill.  He works for the county of Sacramento, has been just over 7 years.  We are grandparents!  We have a 3 year old grandson named Brayden and an almost 1 month old granddaughter named Rayna.  Both belong to my oldest daughter, Brittani who by the way is 24!  She is currently staying home with her babies, not sure what she has planned for later.  She lives out in Wilton, about 35 minutes away, with her boyfriend Rusty.  Rusty is a contractor and LOVES being a dad!  Being a grandparent is truly the 2nd most amazing moment of being a parent. 

Vince, who is 22 in 5 days, is looking for a job.  Got to experience the wonderful world of getting laid off due to budget cuts.  The timing is tough because most places have hired for seasonal work and aren’t looking for any more employees. 

And Nicole, my youngest, will turn 11 January 3.  She has challenged me in so many ways over the years and has been a blessing to us all.  OK, OK, ALL 3 of my kids have been a blessing.  I just mean that we never thought we’d have more kids and her she comes.

All these details most of you know if you follow my facebook at all.  So what do I really want to say?  I want to remind you of the reason for this season.  It’s about Jesus and the fact that He came to earth for you and me.  We are the reason He came.  Whether you believe or not, He is still the reason we celebrate Christmas.  I encourage each and every one of you to find out about Him, trust in Him.  He truly is the answer you are looking for, even if you don’t believe you are looking.  We all are looking.  We all want answers.  Jesus IS the answer.  It doesn’t mean all your troubles will go away.  BUT, He will carry you through the difficult times and fill you with an amazing amount of peace, and give you a HOPE.  Trust in Him today.  Don’t wait.  And if you already do, trust in Him more and tell others the GREAT news of the day!

                                   Merry Christmas from the La Mars!!!

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